Eye Center Optical is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective optical goods. We accept all major credit cards and offer payment installments.

Warranty on Eyeglasses: 


All complete pairs of glasses purchased from Eye Center Optical will come with a one-year warranty starting on the date the glasses were ordered. If any part of the frame breaks we will repair or replace it at no charge.

The selection of your frame is a combination of our expertise and advise and your personal choice. If for any reason you are not happy with your choice of frames, Eye Center Optical will replace that frame with another style at a 50 percent discount.

All lenses from Eye Center Optical come with a scratch-resistant coating. This does not make the lens scratch-proof. In the event your lenses become scratched, Eye Center Optical will replace them one time within a year of the purchase date at no charge. 

All prescription glasses are checked several times for accuracy before being dispensed. If you have difficulty with your new prescription lenses, return them to Eye Center Optical to be rechecked. If the prescription is filled properly, then you will need to return to the prescribing doctor for a recheck. If the prescribing doctor changes the prescription, we will remake the lenses at no charge. If you choose not to return to your doctor for a recheck and want to return the glasses for a refund, Eye Center Optical will refund all of your costs other than 40 percent of the cost of the lenses - this is a non-refundable dispensing fee.

All above conditions on refunds or remakes apply only if glasses are returned within 60 days of purchase and have been paid in full at time of purchase.

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